Buyers are in the marketplace!

Buyers are returning to the marketplace in big numbers. For the last several weeks, I have been seeing a LOT of new buyers at open houses and doing searches on the internet. At last Sunday’s Open House I saw 20 people in 2 hours. I had 6 of them scratching at the door before I even had all the lights turned on! That is Amazing!

Here is the down side:

I have nothing to sell them. Inventory is in short supply, attractive inventory is in even shorter supply. The last house I sold, I wrote an offer on the FIRST day it was on the MLS, and I wrote that offer for more than asking price.

This is very strongly a sellers market folks! We NEED houses to sell, we NEED listings! The numbers don’t lie. On the Isthmus right now we only have 14 available listings. Looking at the absorption rate over the last 6 months that is only about 3 months of inventory… anything less than 6 months is a sellers market.

If you are thinking about selling your home, or you know someone who is, CALL ME.

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