Helpful Links for Folks Buying or Selling:

Rent v. Buy?

The best Rent v. Buy Calculator I have seen. Allows the user to manipulate a startling number of variables. Provided by the New York Times.

A dot Density map of Renters versus Owner Occupants.

Madison School info:

Madison School district map.
Madison Schools by Name
School Report cards provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. At the top of the page you may select the district and the year you are looking for.

Demographic Information:

Racial Demographic Map provided by The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia. And this is an explanation of the methodology behind the creation of the map.
Congressional dot map, showing the results of the 208 Presidntial election, and an explanation of the methodology and meaning behind this map. Mostly this is useful for seeing which way a neighborhood leans politically. Don’t worry, it’s Madison, they are liberal.
Crime Statistics Map from the Madison Police Department

Information about Specific Homes

MGE Average energy use form:

Assessors Offices
Dane County

Property Assessment Appeal Guide

Life in Madison:

Interactive Bike Path Map:
Front Page of Printed Map (PDF):
Back of Printed Map (Bicyling guide):
Neighborhoods / Neighborhood Associations Map:

Still to come!

Guide to the Home Buying Process
Timeline for packing / moving Checklist
Utility Companies
Madison Wireless

Ways to take title – UW planning guide