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Buying or selling a home, like any major transition in life, goes smoother and causes less anxiety when you have a qualified guide who knows the way, and knows how to fight for you. Vivienne is the guide you want. She will be the first to tell you that she is not the right agent for every person, but for those she chooses to work with, there is no better REALTOR®. Period.

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4537 Onyx Lane
Madison, WI 53714

You know what is better than sipping coffee in an arboreal perch on a delightful fall morning? Getting a shower in one of 2 magnificently remodeled bathrooms. Better than that? Breakfast in a sleek eat-in kitchen with a 36” stove. Better than that? Hot water from a tankless water heater. Better than that? Sleeping under a roof that is only 2 years old. Better than that? Parking in a 2 car garage while you watch the snow fall. Better than that? A fully fenced in yard in 2 sections, ideal for keeping a dog out of a play area. Better than that? Being half a block from a park, and half a block from a bus stop. Better than that? Living in one of the best neighborhoods on the east side; near coffee shops, nightlife, Misty Mountain Games, and the YMCA. Better than that? Not a thing.

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As a buyer, you want to SEE houses.
On-line listings can only do so much, you need to be IN a space. You want someone to explain the process and the dizzying array of paperwork, the terms, and you want someone who will point out the things other agents try to hide. You want someone who will listen to you and help you understand what you need, and what you want. You want someone who will negotiate, and win for you. You want Vivienne.


Find the value of My house

As a seller, you want to move on to the next stage of life.
You want to see a SOLD sign on your house.
You want a REALTOR® who will protect your interests, while getting you the best possible price for your home. You want someone who will show you how to make your house look as attractive as possible to buyers. You want a POWERFUL negotiator who doesn’t leave money on the table the way other agents do. You want Vivienne.

What Others Have to Say About Vivienne...

As a former real estate professional I’ve worked with many Realtors in many capacities. Vivienne is not only extremely professional and personable, she also brings a very unique range of experiences and knowledge to the table. You want to have Vivienne in your corner!

W. Jay Blevins

MBA, MS, LMFT, Knower of All Things

Vivienne is genuine, authentic, impeccably honest, a fantastic listener, compassionate when need be, hilarious, colorful, a ton of fun to be around and one-cool-cat.  Heaven knows, her first priority is selling your house.

The Rev. Stephen Marsh

When I was looking for someone to sell my home I was looking for someone who would work for ME, not 300 other clients, and not as a part of a team of people I don’t know.  I was looking for someone who would do things differently, better, and not follow the cookie-cutter approach, but most of all I was looking for someone who would do an amazing job and follow through on what she says she will do.  I could not be happier with my choice.  Vivienne really has been attentive to me and my home, and delivered much more than I expected!

Gina LaMay

Former Client, Current Badass

Out of the 4-5 realtors I have worked with, Vivienne is without a doubt the best.  She pays attention to me, what I tell her I want, and finds me properties that match those criteria without wasting my time with a bunch of houses I have no interest in.  She is the first realtor I have met who provides this level of service.

It has been significantly easier and less stressful to have Vivienne working on my behalf. I trust her great attention to detail and clear passion for finding a property that actually fits my needs without tons of back and forth from me, or having to sift through countless listings on my own.

Dr. Nathan Roberts, PhD

(The "h" is for Awesome)

We asked Vivienne to help us find our first home because she is the most professional and skilled realtor we found, and we are thrilled with the service and professionalism she brought to the table, we felt completely comfortable with her, and she got us a great deal!

Vivienne listened carefully to both what we said and what we did not say in order to help us find the perfect home. As first-time home buyers, we really appreciate the time Vivienne took to explain the process to us and help get answers to our questions.

Matthew and Lindsay Cozon

Past (and future) Clients

Vivienne’s clients are among the most well prepared I have the pleasure of working with.  She does a fantastic job of managing a transaction.  I have been consistently surprised by her knowledge and professionalism from the very first time I met her.

Joseph Long

Mortgage Loan Officer (NMLS# 288316)

Vivienne sets the bar for service and performance very high.  We interviewed several other realtors before settling on her, and we made a deliberate, careful, well informed decision.  She was able to get us showings in houses that other realtors could not.  She found us the house we ultimately bought on the first day it came on the market – for a value far below market value – and used a clever negotiation strategy to get us the house before a bidding war started.  She truly is anything but ordinary, and we are thrilled with the service she provided us.

Andrea Larson and Jared Wells

Former (and future) Clients

Friends recommended Vivienne to me, and after speaking to multiple realtors, I’m SO GLAD I chose her!  I had a tight budget and a difficult set of needs.  She was able to see me through a complicated process, support me when I needed it, and gave great advice.  In the end I wound up with a delightfully quirky home that I love to death!! And, as a bonus, it’s in a sweet neighborhood I didn’t originally think I would be able to afford. I am thrilled!  I can’t recommend Vivienne enough!  

DJ Boyfrrriend

I was technically homeless when I was referred to Vivienne by a friend, I had been crashing in basements and spare rooms for months and my goodwill was running out.  I didn’t think I could possibly buy a home – I couldn’t even afford to rent.  Vivienne patiently and tirelessly answered all my questions and eventually found me  a home that fit both my needs and my budget.  Up until the day of closing, I didn’t really believe it would happen.  Yet here I am – in my very own home, with a payment I can afford!  I have already referred several friends to Vivienne, and will continue to do so.

Staci Corcoran

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