Requests That Make Other REALTORS® Blush


“We need a home with a grow room.”

“We need a home with a dungeon.”

“We need a place where my wife, my girlfriend, her girlfriend, and I can live together and have a private studio where we can have sleepovers with occasional others from time to time.”

I am completely comfortable fulfilling each of these requests (and more – send me ALL unusual requests!) – and so far I have been successful with 2 of the 3. Still working on the last one, four master bedrooms is a tall order…

The problem I have encountered – none of these folks came out and told me what they were really looking for. The requests have been shrouded, “We need a basement without windows.” or “we need a basement with really tall ceilings. … and strong floor joists!” or “We need a house with 3 master suites and a apartment over the garage…” I get it, society shames a lot of people for a lot of really stupid reasons, even in Madison, and we all learn what we can share and with whom. If you tell me what I am really looking for, there is a much greater chance I will be able to find it. And I am very comfortable with confidentiality – I am a transexual lesbian, with a masters degree, and I am a former clergy member. I’m professional, I’m alternative, I’m comfortable with your secrets and I know how to keep them.

Try me.