Bay Creek

The Bay Creek Neighborhood is one of the most ideally situated, yet least well known, in the the city of Madison.  It is bordered on the North by Monona Bay, and on the South by Wingra Creek (hence the name Bay-Creek).  Many Bay-creek Homes have a capitol view either across Monona Bay, or over their neighbor’s tree tops.  As if that were not enough for one neighborhood, Bay Creek isn’t done!  The neighborhood is not only surrounded by water, but by some of the best parks in town. The UW-Arboretum sits to the West, and Olin-Turville to the East, which incorporates Goodman Park, the Goodman Park Pool, Bernie’s Beach, and a number of other smaller parks.

There are also two dedicated bike paths that run through the neighborhood. The Capitol City trail runs from Monona, down the Isthmus, and south to Fitchburg. Here, there are spur trails that connect to the Military Ridge trail (that terminates in Dodgeville) and to the Badger state trail that will take a rider all the way to Illinois. There is also the Wingra Creek path, that runs from Olin-Turville Park and connects to the Capitol City Trail on one end, all the way to Vilas Park and the Zoo on the other end.

Bay Creek is walking distance to the capitol square and all the square has to offer. It’s also a short walk to the UW-Madison campus, with 2 dedicated bike trails, 3 major parks, and lake shore properties on both Monona Bay and Lake Monona. You might assume that the average home price here would be high, given the amenities and location, yet the opposite is true.  As of this writing it is possible to purchase a home on S Shore drive, with a view of the lake and capitol, for under $500,000. Home values in the Bay Creek Neighborhood tend to be below average for Madison.

There is also a Bay Creek Neighborhood Association (a voluntary association) that operates in the neighborhood, has an unusual organizational structure, publishes a monthly newsletter, and organizes neighborhood events.

Because of it’s close proximity to dining, shopping, hospitals, recreation, night life, arts, and culture, combined with easy walk-ability and bike-ability, and below average home prices, Bay Creek is a best buy in this REALTOR©’s opinion.


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