The neighborhood of Nakoma is one of the most prestigious in Madison. It was founded in 1913, as a suburb of the city of Madison. Originally conceived as being separate from Madison it is today an integral part of the near west side. The official boundaries of the neighborhood are Odana rd (and the Southwest commuter bike path) on the north, Midvale Blvd on the west, The UW Arboretum on the east and Mohawk Dr on the south. Nakoma Rd roughly bisects the neighborhood from South West to North East.

Today there are businesses along Nakoma Rd, though originally no businesses were allowed in the neighborhood – nor were multi-family dwellings allowed.

Homes in the neighborhood vary greatly in architectural style, you will find Storybook, Tudor revival, Gothic revival, Craftsman, Modern, and even a few bungalows thrown in for good measure. Homes in the neighborhood can be purchased for $350,000 at the low end, and the prices quickly rise from there.

The feeling in the neighborhood could best be described as comfortable affluence, and that is reflected in the proximity to the Arboretum, Lake Wingra, and particularly the Nakoma Country Club.

Homes in the neighborhood are not really walking distance to the capitol, but easily bike-able to downtown and the UW Madison campus by way of the South West Commuter trail. The nightlife and activities of Monroe St are easily walkable by the limber, and reachable on foot by many of the less active.

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