Westmorland, like neighboring Nakoma, was one of the first “Suburbs” of Madison, that was later annexed to be a part of the city of Madison. Appropriately, it is one of the original, and stalwart near west side neighborhoods. While Westmorland got its start around the same time as Nakoma, in the Nineteen-Teens, it did not really start to prosper and fill out until the post war baby-boom. This means that the neighborhood has a VERY eclectic mix of building styles, and ages – Some homes are over 100 years old, while many are post war construction.

Architecturally, Westmoreland is one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Madison. Not only does the neighborhood boast a home designed and built by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, but the home in question is the very first of Wright’s Usonian homes – homes designed and built for middle class families. On the other end of the spectrum, the neighborhood is also home to several Sears kit homes, and no fewer than 7 Lustron homes. Styles range from typical Cape Cod and federalist revival, to ranch, to split level, to folk-farm, to Tutor revival, to prairie style, and even a Storybook or two thrown in for flavor with a dutch colonial. A fantastic walking tour guide has been put together by local residents.

The neighborhood has almost no commercial districts within its boundaries (a notable exception being the Village Bar, described by some as Westmorland’s “Cheers.”) though it does boast a 9 hole public golf course, a large public park and it is bordered on the south by the southwest commuter bike path, from which folks can easily reach downtown Madison, and the UW Campus, among many other locations by bike.

Geographically the neighborhood is bounded on the north by Mineral Point Rd, Midvale Rd to the West, Glenway St (actually the Glenway Golf Course), and the southwest commuter bike path to the south.

All of this combines to make Westmorland a VERY desirable place to call home.

Westmorland Neighborhood Resources

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