What Others Say About Working With Vivienne

We were moving from out of the area, and Vivienne was great about understanding our needs and showing us homes when we were in town. She was also great at coordinating with the Realtorselling our home on the other end. We had never gone through this before and she made our transaction as smooth as possible. Her knowledge of the local market, negotiating skill, and speedy responses (at all times of night and day) each step of the way were key to a very successful home buying experience.


Tom and Mary Richards

When Vivienne says she is a “Negotiation Ninja,” she is not kidding.  When I was looking for my home, in a sellers market, on a tight budget, she got me a delightful home for less than the seller had paid for it years ago.  She is incredible!  My sister plans to use her when she is ready to buy a place.  Vivienne is not only a great REALTOR®, but became a good friend.


Sandy Eklof

Former Client, BS, CVT

Vivienne’s name came highly recommended from an acquaintance of ours. We had some unique needs for our home and Vivienne did an amazing job finding places that fit the bill. She listened to us every step of the way and made us feel like kindred spirits rather than difficult clients. She made a very frightening process seem safe and easy and she knew exactly what to do and when – often providing us with information before we even knew we needed it. We cannot recommend her highly enough!


Kevin and Courtney Konieczko

Former (and future) Clients

We knew almost no one in the area when we moved to Madison from out of state. I discovered Vivienne on Yelp very early in our move process. She really went above and beyond for us. I appreciated her balance of being lighthearted and laid-back while staying on top of things and paying attention to detail. This rare combination, plus her knowledge of the area & negotiation skills are what make her special. She’s a really genuine person & very honest about what working with her will be like. She has continued to be a friend and a resource. I highly recommend her! 


Tony and Miranda Wise

Vivienne only showed us a hand-full of places, but she was excellent at showing us how the places we were looking at would fit our needs, helping us weigh the pros and cons of each.  When we told her we need a place where we could swing a whip, she didn’t blink.  I think she was disappointed when we told her we wanted to pay asking price and wouldn’t let her negotiate the price down, that woman LOVES to negotiate.  She made the complicated process of buying a house easy and fun.  She sold our condo in RECORD time, for full price,  so that we could get into our new home on time.  She got more for our condo than I thought possible.


Magdalena and Romana Shemayev

We are British ex-pats, so we bowled her a real googly with our visa issues, and she still took the time to explain the process of buying a home here in the states!  We had her show us houses ALL over, and she was always delighted to help us.  When we finally settled on the home we bought she negotiated for us and got us an amazing deal without a gazump, for a magnificent manor!  Most of all Vivienne made the process feel safe and fun!  She is very accepting of people who are not like her and takes good care of them!


Andy and Jennifer Davis

Associate Scientist at University of Wisconsin and Lady of Leisure

When she says she is not like other REALTORS® , she means it – in the best possible way.  We found Vivienne on Reddit – of all places – where she gave us helpful advice for folks moving to Madison, even though we were going to be renting and she had nothing to gain from it.  When our rental turned out to be a nightmare – we turned to Vivienne.  She showed us SO MANY PLACES we got sick of looking.  We were pretty sure she had given up on us.  When we finally found the one we wanted she got it for us with no-muss-no-fuss.  She has since become a good friend, and if we ever sell our place – it will be with her – she is our realtor for life.  


Jason and Amber Kotek

Bad-Ass Motherfuckers

I was a first time home buyer, and she was very patient with my millions of questions and my initial uncertainty about what I really wanted. When we first started she asked me a lot of questions to get an idea of what I did want. She did not pressure me when I went through a period of not being sure I wanted to do it and backing off, but the minute I regained my interest and spotted my dream condo in the listings, she was right back in it and helped me get an offer in and accepted right away. She has guided me through the process and been very patient, communicative, humorous, and fun to work with. She knows a lot about the market and has made a point of amassing all the skills and training she can. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to a buyer.


Elly Fine

I met Vivienne when she was giving a presentation to a PFLAG group.  I knew then she would be the right Realtorfor us.  My sale was difficult for me – it was a result of a divorce and I did not want to leave my home.  Vivienne took her time with me, and let me cry on her shoulder more than once.  In the end, she got me more than asking price for my house, and I was thrilled!  When it came to buying our new home, Vivienne was great about finding the home that fit our budget, and would be everything we need.  She has even helped us with questions long after our sale – she isn’t around just for a transaction.  You really should work with her!


Elena and Jeffrey Hilby

Former (and future) Clients

I met Vivienne at an open house – and what impressed me most about her (Other than that we had both lived in the same small California town) is how quickly and professionally she followed up.  She understood my needs and didn’t pressure me to buy the biggest or most expensive houses we saw (or the ones she had listed).  She helped me buy the house I wanted and helped me get the best deal possible.


Nancy LaRocque

Coach - UW Rowing

Vivienne was a referral from a good friend …who we owe BIG time! Vivienne really listened and cared about what was important to us – not what she thought we should want. She found us a home we adore, in a neighborhood we love, with the bus and bike accessibility that we wanted. And she didn’t stop there – she even came over to help us paint before we moved in. I would – and do! – heartily recommend Vivienne to anyone who’s in the market to buy or sell a home.


Carlie and James Malone

Hiring Vivienne to help me buy my condo was one of the best decisions I have made.  I did not want to spend a lot of time online looking at options.  I told Vivienne what I was looking for and then just showed up for showings.  She listened to me and when I decided to buy she negotiated the sweetest deal I can imagine.  I’m your typical conflict averse midwesterner, but she went to bat for me and got me a great deal!


Kye Richards

Vivienne sets the bar for service and performance very high.  We interviewed several other realtors before settling on her, and we made a deliberate, careful, well informed decision.  She was able to get us showings in houses that other realtors could not.  She found us the house we ultimately bought on the first day it came on the market – for a value far below market value – and used a clever negotiation strategy to get us the house before a bidding war started.  She truly is anything but ordinary, and we are thrilled with the service she provided us.


Andrea Larson and Jared Wells

Former (and future) Clients

This was our first home purchase, and Vivienne made the process SO EASY.  She walked us through the process and answered all of our questions, even when our home inspection came back with some issues, she made sure it was taken care properly.  We could have read a bunch of blogs, and done our homework, but we didn’t have to, because we had Vivienne – and we will again!


Cory and Adrienne Rich

I just cant say enough good things about our experience working with Vivienne. From the moment I met her I knew I could trust her to be honest and guide me through the steps of selling one home and buying another. 
Vivienne was always available to us with any questions we had. She sold our condo in a weekend and walked us through every step of buying our new home. If you are looking for a realtor in Dane county Vivienne should be your one and only choice. 


Cheri Linehan

As a first-time home buyer, i naturally had a lot of anxieties going into the entire home buying process. Not only did Vivienne go above and beyond to answer any questions I had, she gave amazing recommendations for industry professionals. I felt like I could trust that Vivienne always had my best interest in mind and wouldn’t let me settle for a place that I didn’t love. I could not have asked for a smoother and transparent process. 


Matthew Koch

If you are looking for a Realtor with a sense of humor who makes the process of buying and selling as painless as possible (unless you are into that sort of thing).  If you are looking for a Realtor who is knowledgable about the “ins and outs” of buying/selling a home and who knows every neighborhood and community. If you want to get tired of referring a realtor to everyone in search of a realtor.  If you want a realtor who will become not just a trusted advisor, but a friend, if you want a realtor who is not like most realtors  – who is great at her job – Vivienne is who you are looking for.  


Rome and Jonas Gonstead

Super Awesome, Amazing, Queer Cunts