Divorce is never a fun process. No matter if it is sudden and the result of some sort of catastrophe in a relationship, or if it happens so slowly that in the end it is like the disillusion of a gossamer web, it is never fun.

Divorce can also be a path from shock to rebuilding. Perhaps you are shocked and horrified by what has happened to you, and you need someone to compassionately help you through the process of giving up a dream home. Perhaps you are ready to move on, to reestablish yourself, or just ready to be rid of a home that is full of ghosts and bad memories. Maybe you are somewhere in between. Vivienne is happy to walk the path with you, where you are, and provide you with the support you need to help you get through this step of the process as easily as possible.


In late 2012, Vivienne endured what many have described as the most excruciating divorce they had ever seen. She has been in the trenches, and she understands the hurt, the confusion, the complexity, the loss, the anger, the pain of divorce. Accordingly she feels called to help those who have found themselves in a similar place.


Vivienne is a former Lutheran Pastor, who has loads of experience compassionately helping individuals in crisis, often on the worst days of their lives, and negotiating win/win solutions, or at least deescalating situations where people are feeling loss and grief. While she is no longer a Minister, her background, training, and experience makes her surprisingly effective at helping those in need.


Vivienne has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has experience and training in understanding the interpersonal systems at work in divorce.


At the end of the day, no matter where you are in the process, no matter what your motivation, you want, you need, you deserve to get the best deal possible for your home. This is where Vivienne really outshines other realtors. Where many people avoid negotiation, Vivienne specializes in it. She loves to negotiate and as a result, she is very good at it. When people ask her what she does, she will often say “I negotiate for a living.” She takes pride in getting the best deal possible for her clients, while making an intimidating process seem fun and safe.

Go ahead, reach out and touch Vivienne, but not in a creepy way... Ok?

You can call or text (she prefers text, but you do you) or email using the contact info below.

Vivienne Andersen