Can I Sell My House FSBO?

Of course you can. But it is a horrible idea.

People sell their own homes all the time. And I get it, I make this look easy and folks think ANYONE can do it, and they want to avoid paying my commission. I understand. I do.

But here is the catch, I only make this LOOK easy. It is a LOT of WORK to market a home, to show it, to negotiate a deal, to handle all the contract details, to know who to call for repairs and what paperwork needs to be presented to comply with contracts, to get everything to close. I have tons of contacts, and services and back-end folks that help me with all of that. Now, One might prefer to spend hours of her life on-line doing research, reading forums, and putting together her own marketing, educating herself on the home buying process and she might even pull it off flawlessly.

Here is the rub – even if one were to do all the work and pay the money – the research suggests that homes sold by realtors sell for between 12-20 percent more than those sold by their owners.

So at the end of the day… Yes, of course, you can sell your own home. But I have to ask… why do you want to do a lot more work, to end up with less money? That sounds like a terrible idea.

But don’t take my word for it…

Take Dave Ramsey’s

Take Steve Cook’s