FSBO? Sure…


When I was 17, and still pretending to be a boy, I took a job selling bras and pantyhose.  (yes really, it was California)  While I learned the Joey Tribbiani, one-handed bra removal technique, while I quickly learned what taupe is, while I learned the difference between a knee-hi, a stocking, and a thigh-hi, and while I learned to run the register, and to handle our inventory system – I did not have any of that knowledge when I started.  I learned to do it, usually by making mistakes and breaking things.  The first time I processed a return was a nightmare, even though I had read the manual on the operation of our IBM-1001-POS terminal, and watched the related video.  It took DOING it a few times before I really knew what I was doing – that goes triple for the Tribbiani thing.

In current market conditions in Madison, where there is insufficient inventory in the marketplace, where houses sell same-day, the urge to sell your home yourself may seem like a good one.  The logic is clear – to save a bit of money.  There are plenty of real estate blogs that will walk you through it.  There are even MLS members who will post your home on the MLS for a small fee.  Selling one’s home without the help of a REALTOR® CAN be done.  I am not going to tell you it can’t.  We make it LOOK easy – that is what we do.  Of course folks think they can do it too.

But if you think it can be done well without leaving money on the table (your money), I am afraid that is as unlikely as a 17 year old boy getting into a bra on the first try, or anyone doing a new job flawlessly the first time.  Life just doesn’t work like that.

For most folks, their home is their biggest asset, taking a do-it-yourself mentality with that is a recipe for disaster.  Give me a call, let Madison’s REALTOR® walk you through it.

Oh, and the Tribbiani thing?  Grab the tab between your thumb and forefinger, then use your middle finger to push the hook free.  Easy.  Once you have done it a hundred times.